Measurement of the thermophysical and thermochemical properties

In cooperation with the FVTR GmbH we offer high quality measurements of substance properties

You need experimental data for substance properties? We have many years of experience - underpinned by numerous scientific publications - in the measurement of substance properties.

We offer the following substance data measurements, among others

  •     Vapor pressures
  •     Gas solubility
  •     Liquid-liquid equilibria
  •     Density in a wide temperature and pressure range
  •     Speed of sound
  •     Viscosity
  •     Interfacial tension
  •     Combustion calorimetry
  •     Heat capacity

Interested in such measurements? Please contact us. We can certainly make you a good offer for your substance property data question.

Further information can be found on our info flyer.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Karsten Müller (karsten.muelleruni-rostockde)

Dr. rer. nat. Riko Siewert (riko.siewertuni-rostockde)